I stood in front of St. Patrick’s Day decorations and behind a small découpage podium with four cue cards, which I really did not plan on using — even if they did make me feel more prepared.

For those who missed it, I was asked by the California Writer’s Coalition to offer some thoughts on travel writing, how I launched In The Know Traveler and how to succeed in a confusing time for publishing. It was an opportunity to share my experience as a travel writer and give a little back to those who have some interest in the genre. I had planned to wear my Nicaragua baseball jersey that I had mentioned in this week’s pic of the week on Nicaragua but was talked out it, because I looked too slovenly. After looking in the mirror, I could not argue the point.

The evening was designed for a group of writers to chat and ask questions about travel writing, travel philosophy, and the larger concept of making a travel story a way to inspire others toward adventures and returning home safely with a suitcase filled with new stories to tell their friends.

I have to say there is something about talking about the things I am passionate about while interacting with writers and friends, both old and new. It was almost emotional as I tried to keep my side of the conversation on the three “h”s to keep myself focused. Fortunately, the conversation flowed with lots of insightful questions. Looking out into the faces of colleagues, I could not help but feel I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. I hope you all have the same feeling today, on a soapbox or not.

And as a thank you to all who attended here are a couple of more photos where I could not help but look ridiculous.

Apparently I talk with my hands a lot

I have no idea what I was doing here. I look like a sentimental space cadet

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Classic photos by Gina Found

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