Playing the Blame Game

To err is human and sometimes we like to point fingers at those who do. There is something about blaming others that allows us to feel like we have won the prize. And if it we do it well we can establish the biggest jerk in an argument. Let’s face it, we argue to win. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to be right and happy at the same time. Our decision to blame also hides our part in the argument that we should own — and can drive a wedge in our relationships in the quest to win the debate.

I dig down into this subject and offer solution in the video below.

IT Takes Two to Tango

So, our blaming starts to sound like a playground argument. The more you win the more your relationship loses. Let’s embrace our part and defuse disagreements before they start. All this and more on

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I am now on iTunes, as the Mystical Solution to Modern Love. Please note this is the iTunes name and has no relation to my premium class series but a new package of my weekly Wednesday show. I will be doing both audio and video and would love for you to subscribe.

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