When We Hurt Those We Love: Punishment

Sure we know that punishing the people we love is a terrible idea. However, it is even worse when we don’t know when we are doing it! Of course, punishing most often comes when we feel hurt, in fear, or when we feel we are right!

How do we solve this problem and what actions can we take to counteract this true love killer? Some of the basics are found at the top of the Tree of Life: Acceptance, Acts of Service (aka Love), Compassion, Responsibility, Staying Present. We are going to be diving into these ideas in-depth in the coming weeks. For the details watch the video below!

Join us for a follow up for next week live!

We will do a round up of a relationship’s worst idea LIVE!! This will be happening next week. I am still working on the logistics but it should be available for either sign up or to watch on my Google Hangout.

News Coming to You from Me!

We are going to launching a new series of classes available for you. I have a new iTunes channel that is live and is being added to as you read this. I have done several telesummits in the last couple of weeks. Be on the look out for this and more!


I am adding a second camera so I can offer you the best video possible on replays. I truly hope you will enjoy it!

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