Communication: The Art of Asking for and Hearing What You Need and then some…

Let’s face it, it is no surprise that communication problems is one of the bigger issues in many relationships. However, it is surprising that most people I speak to believe that communication is a two-way street of talking (asking for what you want) and listening (the willingness to hear/provide what your partner wants).

Are we moving down into Chesed to learn about the downside of Abundance and what it means to your and your love life? We totally are! Hold on tight.

Is there really a Downside to Abundance


Chesed is the first position on the Tree that moves away from the Supernals (the “of divinity” triangle) and across the Abyss, the chasm away from God/Highest Self and more into the mundane world. Think of it as true abundance with a catch — get all the power of the Universe but after Binah — the Dark Mother — some of the abundance can include things you don’t want. Responsibility is required when dealing with Chesed. So watch this amazing video and there is always more at

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