Responsibility is not about Leaving the Toilet Seat Down

This week we dive into a love and relationship savior called responsibility. Watch as I talk about my father and how I learned from him… sort of. Sometimes a dubious role model offers just as important insights as a guru. Of course, this is not about our chores but taking ownership of our “nonsense”. The issues that we have that will invariably ping our relationships.

So you wanted more mystical information!

We also discuss understanding Kether, the highest ideal and veil on the Tree of Life. You wanted more mystical? You got it! I take a look at the top of the Tree of Life. Whether it is the last point of God/the Divine/Your Highest Self or the first place of no God, this veil, Kether, is the seed to all things. Do take a moment an enjoy the above video about the sephira on top of the Tree of Life — and more on

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