Love is an Action of Service

This is our last in the series of love and relationship savers, the qualities you need to maintain your long-term relationship. This week, I dive into Love being and Action, and that action is Service. To some the next question is, Service? Do I really need someone to boss me around? You don’t, but love is literally and figuratively beyond ego.

Hard Choices on the Tree of Life

And Geburah, from the pillar of severity on the Tree of Life, which deals with strength and hard choices. I think you will love this one!

Getting Severe with Geburah

Severity, Kabbalah Din

The least you need to know about Geburah. Think of Geburah’s definition as “severity” or its second name, Din, as “judgment” and you may find a tough as nails, no nonsense spot on the Tree of Life — and this is true. This is why Geburah is so often connected to the Mars energy.

However, in a practical sense Geburah is about making hard decisions that are not ego driven. The analogy I think of when I think of Geburah is the parent/child relationship. Sometimes the parent has to say, no! It is not a punishment when it is the right thing to do. From the child’s perspective it may suck but the parent.

How does this work in our love lives?

When we are reacting to a choice led by emotions and ego we need a voice to come in say that is a terrible idea. This is Geburah to us through our loved ones, or us to our loved ones. And there is more great stuff on this video! Or visit and download Women Are Smarter Than Men.

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