Action for Better Love!

These may not be the perfect list but they are one of the best starts you’re ever going to get for actionable rules that will improve your love life now. To give you a heads up of the 5 LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP SAVIORS: Responsibility, Honesty, Acceptance, Communication and Service. We are going to dive into each concept, one at a time, starting next week.

And one of my best Kabbalah tips for making good choices ever now on this video.

We get on the Tree with Hod

I hope you enjoy our mini Kabbalah/Qabalah lecture on the nature of Hod on the Tree of Life, which deals with intellect, communication and speed.

Also, I did my first love interview with Clint Hufft and how to have an incredible wedding ceremony. More on this coming later this week — and more on

What’s you burning question?

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