Delving into Honesty

Today, I am coming to from beautiful Bali, at Sri Ratih in Penestanin, to discuss love, relationships, Kabbalah and the Mystical Solutions to Modern Love. I am temple-side to include this week’s topics, which include Morgana and my 17th wedding, how important honesty is to saving and maintaining a relationship, as well as the second sephira on the Tree of Life, Chokmak. Enjoy and looking forward to your thoughts.

More on Chokmah

One of the tidbits I accidentally left out about Chokmah. It’s numerical value of 73. When adding all of the integers from 1-73 (1+2+3+4+…+73) the total is 2701. The same value as the first line of creation, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” — and more on

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