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IMG_1500It is about time I took this page seriously. Truth is that while I prefer first person narrative, I don’t necessarily like to write about myself. However, I have had me on my mind a lot in the last few days. I am working on a book proposal and agents always seem to want to know that the writer is the right person for the book.

So you can get to know me better

I have visited about fifty countries so far, I have not really bothered to count.

I have played poker for a living, I play guitar well and could build you a house if necessary (you provide lumber and nails).

I am a registered libertarian. (think fiscally conservative and socially liberal) I believe in basic universal health care (not very Libertarian of me, I know) and equal rights for all.

Outrageous statement #1

I think the average person with an average life (read: without a privileged background) would be a better politician (providing meaningful service to their constituents) than almost all professional politicians and corporate elite. As an example, Meg Whitman will win governors race in California by the force of her bank account and paid commercial onslaught rather than anything substantial that she has said or done ethically or politically. The average person deals with the days-to-day problems the rest of us do. So, he or she will have more reason to make decisions the rest of need to be made.

Outrageous statement #2

I think marriage is not the best idea because the “institution” has become more about contractual obligations and politics and less about a loving partnership. However, I will likely marry, again.

Outrageous statement #3

All drugs (even performance enhancing drugs that athletes take) should be legal and taxed. Prohibition continues to show it does not work and we have too many people in jail because of it. It has become a colossal waste of time and tax payer dollars.

More outrageous statements coming soon…

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