As promised our weekly questions are going to be about love, relationships and Kabbalah – and how to have better of all of the above. If you are new here, you can totally have better relationships and lead a better spiritual life.

We have received a whole slew of questions from the webinar I did last month with my wife, Morgana Rae (yes, I know, I said last week. I had recorded this questions first but did not get to posting it until now.).

So, here we go! This question comes to us from Annie who writes, “Context: I am 67 and relishing the solitude of being single after 45 years lived as a married woman and mother. My primary “partner” right now feels like my own deep Self and my creative work. Question: Do you believe true fulfillment can be experienced outside of a primary, intimate relationship? Thank you.”

First off congratulations, Ani! I imagine you were a wonderful partner, forty five years is an incredible amount of consistency. I am wishing you much happiness as your future unfolds.

It sounds like you are taking an assessment of life after perhaps identifying yourself as a wife, mother beyond being your own fantastic self.

Of course, you can find fulfillment and it can be meaningful. You mentioned your creative work, I might suggest, and this is a Kabalistic principle, is that you want to infuse your intention into something to bring it alive and fulfillment comes from servicing of others, which I am sure as a wife and mother you know an awful lot about. I’m not talking bout creating for others. What I am talking about is using intention in thinking about what your work will do for other people once they find it. I would say, sit down for ten minutes before your work on something and think, who is my audience, who are going to love my work. Put a little thought into the idea that the people who find your work will be happy, excited and inspired.

So, that’s what we have for today. If you are looking for more spiritual solutions find me at Devin Galaudet. Thanks and keep your questions coming!

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