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About ten days ago, I had my first webinar and introduction from my fantastic wife, Morgana Rae, about Badass Love and how to improve your romantic life, It was a success. With that, I promised to answer questions about myself, love, romance and the Tree of Life. Here is my first answer. You can expect a new questions answered every week.

Sonda’s Question

This week our question comes to us from Shonda.

If you watched the video (which is just below) you’ll realize that I started reading my teleprompter answer, which is a total fail. I left it in because I suppose I wanted to be transparent because I want to build a relationship with you for the future.

Shonda’s question was: “What is the most intimate thing (non-sexual) that makes Morgana the women for you?”

My Reply

I don’t think there is a most intimate thing. It is a collection of things. There are little clues that are like following a trail of bread crumbs, which men are notoriously not good at (in my humble opinion). But we follow this trail of bread crumbs to get information. The information I got from Morgana had to do with the kind of person that she was. One of the things I write about in Women Are Smarter Than Men, which was a tipping point for me was our conversations when I was traveling in South Africa. I was on assignment in safari and Morgana was leading a retreat in Bali. The only way to talk to her, which was for only five minutes, was to wake up a four o’clock in the morning and be led from my room by a guy with a billy club, so a lion wouldn’t eat me on the way to use the Internet just so Morgana and I could Skype for five minutes because it was a six hour time difference.

So, I highly recommend going on safari in South Africa. I also recommend finding a partner who has the qualities you wouldn’t mind to divorcing, so you might not ever have to divorce – even if that sounds counter-intuitive.

I can always be found at and for a limited time you can download my ebook, Women Are Smarter Than Men ad feel free to ask me a question anytime.

Here was my teleprompter answer…

It is not one thing. However, I did have to get clear and remind myself, when I was not in fear about not getting love, about why I wanted to be in a relationship. I needed someone who would have common values, honestly, ability to reason things out, and a lot of other things. It was also helpful when I knew that if we were to ever part she would still remain the kind and generous spirit I was coming to know. When I knew I could see her kindness toward me, I knew I was on the right path.

Thank you Shonda!

Remember, you can always ask me questions about love, romance and solving problem with spiritual solutions. If you are in need of more direct help, feel free to get a free 30-minute discovery session with me, or just get loads of free stuff like my ebook, Women Are Smarter Than Men

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