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Thirsty by Marc Weingarten (Nonfiction)
Death of a Newspaperman by Delfin Vigil (Fiction)
In The Shadow of the White House by Jo Haldeman (Nonfiction)*
Kill The Gringo by Jack Hood Vaughn (Nonfiction)

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In the Shadow of the White House

In the Shadow of the White House

For her first forty years, Jo Haldeman’s life followed a conventional path. While her husband, Bob, built his career in advertising, Jo comfortably settled into her role as mother of four, housewife, and community volunteer.

In 1968, Jo’s world changed dramatically. Richard Nixon was elected President of the United States, and Bob was offered the job of a lifetime: White House Chief of Staff. As Jo and Bob discussed the opportunities and challenges that this move would entail, little did she anticipate the course that her life, and her relationship with Bob, would take over the next ten years.

In this insightful, poignant, and guileless memoir of those ten years, Jo shares her story as the wife of H. R. Haldeman, often referred to as the second most powerful person in the White House. She offers a window into the world of trips on Air Force One, weekends at Camp David, as well as family vignettes and the growing stresses of her husband’s demanding job.

Jo’s compelling account takes the reader on her journey from the heady heights of Washington life through an excruciating public resignation and trial to her husband’s conviction and imprisonment. In a true period piece, Jo illuminates the story of the “woman behind the man” and personalizes the Watergate experience. Enhanced by her personal photographs and the immediacy of her present tense delivery, In the Shadow of the White House is a fascinating work of nonfiction that reads like a novel.

No President of the postwar era has been more consequential and more controversial than Richard Nixon. Bob Haldeman, his Chief of Staff, was there for almost every instant of those stormy and glorious and then sad days. So was his brilliant wife, Jo. Here is a must-read account of the days that changed the world from an authentic insider, devoted wife, and vital memoirist.

Ben Stein

bestselling author and former speechwriter to Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford

This giveaway concludes May 31, 2018. Winners must have a valid U.S. address for shipping purposes.

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