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Eye Marty by Marty Feldman (Memoir)
Improbable Fortunes by Jeffrey Price (Fiction)
The Investment Club by Doug Cooper (Fiction)
Sutterfeld You Are Not a Hero by Tom Stern (Novel)
Take Fountain by Adam Novak (Fiction)

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The Featured title in this collection…

eyE Marty
by Marty Feldman with a foreword by Eric Idle

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Marty was a professional writer and considered himself a writer first, and an actor second. Feldman created a number of immensely successful and influential shows such as Marty, The Frost Report and sketches for Monty Python. He was one of the most essential creative forces in British comedy embodied also by his close friends and creative partners from Beyond the Fringe (especially Peter Cook and Dudley Moore) and Monty Python (especially John Cleese, Graham Chapman and Eric Idle).

Marty played the fool, often very happily and with tremendous talent and volcanic, anarchic energy, for his
entire life. His face is what many people most immediately remember. It was a face that David Frost, one of his bosses, characterized as “too grotesque” for television—see what Feldman has to say about Frost, and Francis Bacon, and John Lennon…

Marty Feldman finished, and set aside eYE Marty soon before traveling to Mexico to shoot his final film. He did not know that he would die there, although he certainly felt he might die soon, and was haunted by the notion. The book is exactly as Feldman wrote it: Mark Flanagan had it transcribed, with even the photos inserted where Feldman had noted they should go.

Hilarious, deeply charming, aphoristic, ironic, charged throughout with lust for life and filled with scenes of great vanished eras and portraits of other performers and friends, eYE Marty is the amazing discovery of the story of a man who was at the heart of the British comedy revolution.

Marty Feldman really was a comic genius, and this warm, frank memoir brings that genius briefly back to us. What a crazy, inspired journey of a life he had. The book also brings back to life an amazing time in culture, when the wild art and comedy we now take for granted was first finding its legs. I loved this book, and wish Marty was still alive so I could tell him how much I loved it, and we could be pals.

George Saunders

No one has ever made me laugh as hard as Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein, he was pure comic perfection.

Judd Apatow

He was a pioneer of comedy who inspired pioneers of comedy, a hero to my comedy hero.

Sarah Silverman

This giveaway concludes February 28, 2019. Winners must have a valid U.S. address for shipping purposes.

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