Since I was 13 I have learned from books. Today, I am still a compulsive book buyer and reader with books littered around my house, much to my wife’s chagrin. While I have used mentors and coaches, books will never be replaced as a constant source of enjoyment and learning for me. Five years ago, I created a list of books that I love on Travel. Write. Live., the No BS Blog to a travel writer’s life. It was a hodgepodge of writings, fiction and nonfiction and a wide variety of topics. I loved doing it and now this section on my personal site continues this tradition after seeing an inspiration on Derek Sivers’ site (the CD Baby guy) with his own dedicated book section.

Please note that you can expect lots more traditional Kabbalah, Hermetic Qabalah, Baha’i writings, business, coaching and other books that will help me continue as a writer, spiritual teacher and coach. I am using this area to make sure I keep exploring and growing toward enlightenment. Each listing will offer a brief synopsis, what I learned and why you should care.

Ultimately, this list is my trail of breadcrumbs for those interested in following my path: spiritual teachers looking to continue down their paths. While I recognize that my path is unique to my specific goals, I believe that there will be a few like me who need inspiration. For everyone else, there are some really great reads, and sometimes unusual reads, I will be sharing with you on a regular basis. I hope you bookmark this page, make book recommendations and enjoy this fantastic book process with me.

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