Starting August 1st, Spirit Airlines will charge travelers $45 per bag placed in their plane’s overhead bin. Yeah, I know, pretty obnoxious, right? While I am supposed to be more journalistic in my approach, using a more balanced presentation of the facts (not to mention promote travel), I cannot help but state the obvious: when a corporation looks to gouge travelers for the service of carrying their own luggage, it is time to simply call out Spirit Airlines as a company worth avoiding.

Spirit Airlines does have the legal right to add these fees and is doing so in order to make money. Fair enough. However, it does not mean travelers should pay these fees in the future and just accept this business decision. Spirit Airlines will change their tune if they are hit in the pocketbook regardless of what their marketing department says. Here are my recommendations.

1. Stop flying with Spirit Airlines starting now
Yes, their charges do not start until August, but by then it will be too late. Remember, this is not just one company overcharging customers for absolutely no additional service. Spirit Airlines’ success will likely spread — every airline can then justify the decision and follow suit after the precedent is set.

2. Tell all of your friends to avoid Spirit Airlines
The world is much smaller. Adding your voice of disapproval to Facebook, Twitter and dozens of other quality social networking sites can be accomplished in seconds. You effective words and actions will make a difference.

3. Do not support Spirit Airlines partners or affiliates starting now

Like Spirit Vacations.

4. Write Spirit Airlines and let them know what they are doing is an obvious money grab
Here are the folks who are hoping to drive up the cost of travel and should be held accountable.

Heather Harvey
Manager, customer relations
2800 Executive Way
Miramar, FL 33025
(954) 628-4957
I have already written Heather Harvey for a comment on the planned fees, but I did not get a response. After reading a number of sites talking about Spirit Airlines customer service, I do not expect to hear from anyone, any time soon.

Tony Lefebvre
Senior vice president, customer service
2800 Executive Way
Miramar, FL 33025
(954) 447-7965

Ben Baldanza
President and chief executive
2800 Executive Way
Miramar, FL 33025
(954) 447-7965

Of course, travelers that still want to fly Spirit Airlines can consider this, every person required to pay $45 for hand luggage at the gate will take time to be talked to and charged, slowing the seating process exponentially. Can you imagine what this looks like on a plane carrying 250 people, all with luggage that would normally be placed in overhead bins. Expect flight delays and disgruntled Spirit employees that will have to deal with a pile new difficulties.

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