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The Mystical Solution: Yesod and Love 028

The Mystical Solution: Yesod and Love 028

The Foundation: Yesod and Love! Yesod is the ninth sphere and the last place before arriving at the physical world. It is also a long way from the top of the Tree of Life, the place of our highest ideas. Think of Yesod as our cat-like reflexes or the things that want...

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The Foundation: Yesod and Change 027

The Foundation: Yesod and Change 027

Setting the Foundation! Yesod is toward the bottom of the Tree of Life and point far from the divine/God/highest Self. It is also the first point away from the physical body (except on the Gra variation on the Tree of Life). So, not surprisingly, Yesod is frequently...

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The Land of Chaos and Hod 026

The Land of Chaos and Hod 026

When Receiving is Ruined Exploring Hod on the Tree of Life Remember, we are furthest away from God at the position of Hod and more into the manifestation of the physical and it is about receiving all of the broken down energy, ideas and blueprint of the Universe....

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