Okay, I want to contribute to our global community. Can I write for Travel Write Live?
For the time being, no. I made the mistake of not directing In The Know Traveler along the path I really wanted it to go and instead chose the path of least resistance. I started hearing from other writers and pr firms before I had developed a firm foundation and stronger sense of voice for In The Know Traveler. I needed the site and my vision grow first. This is not a bad thing, and I am grateful for all the eyeballs and wordsmiths that have graced our pages over the last several years, but I don’t think I could not sleep at night if I didn’t take a chance now and move my sights toward a larger more terrifying goal. The only way I know how to do that is by holding on the reins during this initial launch and effectively set the ball moving in the right direction. I hope you will stay and join me.

Does this mean you don’t want to hear from us?
Absolutely not! I want to hear from the people who crave the same larger worldview and have a unique, and sometimes differing, perspective as much as possible. I want and hope to exchange ideas and grow as a community with partners and groups who want to make a difference. Please comment, disagree, write me notes to say “hi” and anything that helps keep the discussion moving.

Also, I am still the Editor-in-Chief of In The Know Traveler and In The Know Traveler USA and will continue to read through all of ITKT submissions. For more on how this works, visit ITKT’s Submission Guidelines and Writer’s Checklist.

What about letters to the Editor?
Yes, totally. Please write me at devin [at] travelwritelive or visit TWL’s Letters to the Editor page. I do know a fair amount about travel writing, the travel industry, traveling in general, and have tons of contacts who can answer questions I cannot. I plan to start hosting discussions on topics that are on your minds in the near future.

So what makes you an expert?
I am not one. I would argue, neither is anyone else. However, I have done a lot of things and gone to a lot of places and I have learned compassion and how to take time outs from my most passionate positions, which allows me to reflect before I act. My appreciation for travel has become one of my favorite pieces of personal reflection.

I agree. But now what?
As a writer with an MFA in the subject of writing, I will keep writing and add an occasional video. I will also offer my two cents toward being a better writer, because it is all about communication – not that I am an expert. If you have a program, organization, plan for making moving toward a kinder more compassionate world, or just a burning desire, let me know. I will do my best to throw it out there and let our growing numbers take a look. I have confidence that a solid global community can change the world for the better.

Can I send you Biblical scripture because you are wrong, lost or I disagree with you?
Absolutely, I am always willing to learn, discuss and debate to grow as a person. However, please avoid misinterpreting or misusing sacred writings to prove a point that is not for the betterment of all humanity – as they were was intended.

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