Fantasy is a Love and Relationship Killer

There is a big difference between having a vision of our relationship goals and creating an impossible fantasy. Even under the best of circumstances, our partner is going to be human.

This week we talk about how Fantasy can ruin your relationship or keep you from love. Think of fantasy as having too many specifics, a misguided notion of what will make my happy, rather than the exploring of possibility in the other person. Watch the video for more.

Soulmates exist!

Of course they do. It is also important to know that soul mates and “twin flames” are a concept that come from Kabbalah, which talks about the 613 limbs and 600,000 roots for each limb (totaling 3.5 billion). Each root contains 600,000 individual souls or a pool of more than 2000 trillion (FYI, this specific information comes to us from the fantastic and highly recommended book, by Rabbi David Cooper, God is a Verb. There are plenty of wonderful relationship options out there for you. More in this week’s video. All this and more on

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