Travelling for business can be stressful — particularly if having meetings or undertaking visits in an unfamiliar place (possibly where an unfamiliar language is spoken). Take steps to reduce this stress and your business trips can be as effective, efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Reduce stress on business trips

Book an Airport Hotel

Airport hotels are perfect for business trips as you’re guaranteed to be at the airport in good time. Forget the panicked rush to the airport (and that sinking feeling when you see an unexpected accident or traffic jam) and instead sleep soundly in the knowledge that you’re mere minutes away from the check in desk. You could even use the airport hotel Wi-Fi to check-in online, giving you more time in the morning to prepare, rest or even enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the hotel café.

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Prepare Properly

Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail, as the saying goes. Make sure that you know all the details of your trip, as making your way around a foreign country can be difficult and add more stress to an already stressful situation. Keep copies of all of your documents and ensure that you have transport booked to greet you (or know where and when to find public transport).

Insure Your Trip

Few things are more stressful than befalling an accident or injury, or being the victim of a crime. Compound this with being in a foreign place, and pressing business commitments, and you have a nightmare situation.
Be sure that your company has covered you with an appropriate level of travel insurance, that you have emergency numbers in your phone, and that you will have access to emergency funds should the worst happen.

Have a Clear Itinerary

If your trip is likely to be packed with meetings, visits and the like, make sure that your itinerary is clear and that you leave yourself enough time to get from A to B and prepare properly before each engagement.

Rushing around is stressful enough, but even more so when you don’t know your way around and there’s no-one speaking your language to help. Lateness makes a terrible impression, so avoid it by leaving plenty of time between meetings, knowing where and who you are meeting, and having clear directions and a method of getting there.
Factor in ‘Off Duty’ Time

Wherever you are travelling to it’s important to factor in some ‘off duty’ time during your trip. You wouldn’t work 24/7 at home so why do it when on a business trip? Where possible, keep ‘office hours’ and spend some time enjoying your destination – or even just relaxing in your hotel.

Start as you mean to go on with a drink in the airport hotel bar the night before your flight, before relaxing in a comfortable room with all modern comforts and facilities.

Factoring in ‘you’ time means that you can conduct your business refreshed instead of frazzled, and prepared instead of rushed – for the most effective and enjoyable business trip possible.

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