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Hey all, this month’s giveaway is the bomb! It is for all five brand new driving guides from DK Eyewitness Travel called Back Roads and features complete programs for Italy, France, Ireland, Spain and Great Britain. As usual, my unbiased daughter will pick the winner from our newsletter participants. This giveaway ends on 4/15/10. To get involved fill out the innocuous form below, and Read on from the words of the publisher.

Back Roads is the new driving guidebook series from DK Eyewitness Travel, the world’s best-selling travel guidebook publisher. Exploring France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, and Ireland and from behind the wheel, each guide allows visitors to unearth the true soul of each country.

How often do we fly in and out of a single city without exploring the landscapes and cultures that gave birth to it? Discovering a country through the back roads and byways lets travelers slow down and savor the essence of a place through breathtaking scenery, historical treasures, local hospitality, and regional cuisine.

In each guide, 25 leisurely drives, lasting between one and seven days, cover a remarkable variety of landscapes and themes. While some may take in world-famous cities and sights, others get truly off the beaten track. But whether it’s a 2-day exploration of Umbria’s gourmet villages or a 7-day coast-to-coast drive along the mountain passes of the Pyrenees, every tour is bursting with insider knowledge from DK’s locals-only authors.

Compiled by expert travel writers, based full- or part-time in the countries and regions they write about, DK’s new Back Roads series uses in-depth local knowledge to create driving tours full of original ideas for activities, off-the-beaten-track stops, and authentically ‘native’ places to eat and to stay. Taking travelers off the main roads and into the real life of a country, each title in DK’s new Eyewitness Back Roads series contains up to 25 drive routes lasting from one to seven days. From intimate hotels and guesthouses to the most charming restaurants and bars specializing in seasonal dishes and regional produce, each drive has recommendations for places to spend the night, dine, and sightsee along the route.

A companion series to the Eyewitness Travel Guides, the books can be used in conjunction with existing guides or on their own. Each guide has a pull-out road map for easy navigation between drives and all the practical information you need, from road conditions and the length of the drive to parking information and opening hours of restaurants and attractions.

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