Hey all, this giveaway is for one lucky winner (picked by my daughter) and ends on 8/20/10. The winner will receive a beautiful new addition 601 French Verbs and Paris Pocket Guide, both from Berlitz. This giveaway is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the French language or planning a possible trip to France. Remember, the winner must have a U.S. address. To get involved fill out the innocuous Travel Write Live form at the bottom of the page, leave a relevant comment somewhere on the site and Read on from the words of the publisher

Berlitz Publishes Specially Designed Verb Books for Today’s Savvy Student

Downloadable Content, Sample Texting and More!

601 VERBS is the most comprehensive guide to Spanish, French and Italian verbs on the market
(NEW YORK, NEW YORK) June 2010—It took the world-renowned leader in language learning, Berlitz Publishing, to completely overhaul and modernize the way students learn Spanish, French and Italian verbs. Just last year, Berlitz published the dynamic new verb book, 601 SPANISH VERBS. With its sleek and stylish design, clear and easy-to-read layout, not to mention the FREE online download and list of technology-related verbsm 601 VERBS outshines the competition. This year, Berlitz introduces its latest classroom tools: 601 FRENCH VERBS (ISBN: 9789812688163; $15.99; July 2010) and 601 ITALIAN VERBS (ISBN: 9789812688170; $15.99; Pub Month: July 2010). No doubt about it, 601 VERBS is the guide that gives you more bang for your buck!

Kid Tested, Teacher Approved
Berlitz surveyed teachers and students all over the country, in high schools and universities from New York to Florida to Texas and beyond! Students and teachers agree: 601 VERBS is the reference book of choice. Teachers reported 601 VERBS as better than the alternative option on the market—it’s more user-friendly, clearer to understand, and has additional features included like Memory Tips written by a memory expert for better studying. Students liked the modern, fresh design and cool text phrases for a more fun learning experience. Written by a team of experienced teachers committed to helping students better learn Spanish, French and Italian, 601 VERBS is so chock-full of features, here’s more: an alphabetical listing of 601 verbs, verb activity pages, 75 Must Know verbs, spelling shortcuts, and lists of test verbs and technology-related verbs.

Lookin’ Good
All of the new features in 601 VERBS are presented in a hip and modern way. Call-outs, such as Memory Tips and Must Know verbs, are clearly marked for easy reference—a design students admitted really helped them remember their new verbs. Verb-endings are bolded, highlighting slight changes in each verb tense and calling attention to each conjugation, again, making it easier for students to focus and remember the changing part of the verb.

Not Your Grandma’s Study Aid
To match its chic design, 601 VERBS includes tons of helpful hints for high school and college students searching for ways to communicate with each other, whether it is in Spanish, French or Italian. Unlike the competition, 601 VERBS includes one hundred additional verbs, a free online download for iPhone, iPod and iPad as well as hip text phrases. (601 SPANISH VERBS includes a free CD-ROM.) That’s right, today’s student isn’t just learning to speak in the classroom, but also using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to communicate. When practicing Spanish, French and Italian outside the classroom, students can refer to the Text Messaging section of the book to learn key text phrases.

601 VERBS is the perfect guide to help teachers shake up the classroom. And students will ease their way to higher test scores with a guide geared towards helping them study better. Make no mistake, 601 VERBS knows where the action is—and it’s in the pages of 601 SPANISH, FRENCH and ITALIAN VERBS. Pick yours up today!

Berlitz Pocket Guide Paris
The world’s best-selling pocket travel guides from Berlitz now introduce Paris! With freshly revised page layouts and enhanced typography, Berlitz Pocket Guide Paris comes in an handy, accessible format to accompany travelers as they wander around the City of Lights. All inside, readers discover everything there is to know about Paris, from café and bistros to the Nôtre Dame toand Versailles. Plus, a “Top 10 Attractions” section highlights sights in Paris you simply cannot miss, including the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the historic Panthéon. Jam-packed with practical advice, Berlitz Pocket Guide Paris is the companion for your next trip to Paris.
Link to the guide: http://langenscheidt.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=3913

About Langenscheidt Publishing Group
Langenscheidt Publishing Group’s complete catalogue is comprised of over 3,000 titles—including the largest selection of travel and language-learning products in the world. Berlitz Publishing provides an unparalleled selection of phrasebooks, bilingual dictionaries, and audio programs. The maps and atlases with the American Map and Hammond World Atlas Corporation brands have long been a staple of students and road warriors in the U.S. and in recent years have introduced formats for new international and domestic map designs that elevated the industry to new levels. Langenscheidt also owns several leading regional map and atlas brands including Hagstrom, the number one brand in the New York metropolitan area and ADC, the leader in the Mid-Atlantic. Most recently the exclusive North American distribution rights for h.f. Ullmann were added to Langenscheidt’s list of elite brands. To learn more about Langenscheidt, please visit www.langenscheidt.com.

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