Hey all, this giveaway is for one lucky winner (picked by my daughter) and ends on 7/15/10. Each will receive a beautiful new addition of the Lonely Planet National Park guides for Banff, Jasper & Glacier; Grand Canyon; Yellowstone & Grand Teton and Yosemite, Sequoia & Kings Canyon. This giveaway is perfect for anyone interested in hiking or traveling to national parks. Remember, the winner must have a U.S. address. To get involved fill out the innocuous Travel Write Live form below, leave a relevant comment somewhere on the site and Read on from the words of the publisher

Our inspirational series of National Park guides feature in-depth research and advice on the best sights, hikes and camping grounds. Perfect for everyone, from the road-tripping family to the serious outdoors enthusiast, our National Parks series is a beautiful addition to any visit.

Wild, spectacular Yellowstone thrills visitors with gushing geysers and free-roaming wildlife. Grand Teton entices with jagged peaks and glacial lakes. An American icon, the Grand Canyon astounds with its majestic viewpoints, mesmerizing colors, red-rock spires and breathtaking sunsets. One of the USA’s most gorgeous natural wonders, Yosemite National Park has something to offer every traveler from vacationing families to hardcore outdoors enthusiasts. Paddle the turquoise waters of glacier-fed lakes, snowshoe through fresh powder and melt into soothing hot springs in Banff, Jasper or Glacier National Parks.

Features include:
•New full-color highlights section shows the best of the parks at a glance, with stunning photographs, author tips and a clear map.

•Detailed itineraries help visitors plan their time, whether they’re exploring well-loved sights, traversing back-country terrain or driving around the region.

•Over 40 hikes in every book! Follow in the footsteps of our authors on easy hikes, day hikes and backcountry hikes. Topographical hiking maps accompany the tricky routes. Our reformatted hiking charts make it easy to compare hikes and select your favorite.

•New Kids & Pets chapter includes information for families, such as the best hikes for the little ones, and advice for pet-owners. New Clothing & Equipment chapter contains essential information for hikers and campers. History and Environment chapters give visitors vital background information on the parks’ past and present.

•Opinionated descriptions of campgrounds large and small, modern and primitive–and an easy-to-reference camping chart to compare features and facilities of each. Plus the trustworthy reviews of other accommodations, restaurants and sights in or near the parks that you come to expect of a Lonely Planet guide.

•A range of other activities including cycling trails, driving routes, climbing, swimming, rafting, skiing, hang-gliding and more!

•Sustainable options and green travel ideas throughout. A “Support Your National Park” feature gives information on how to give back to the parks and promotes sustainability and volunteering.

“Particularly useful for travelers looking to budget their time” –Associated Press
“Fascinating history section along with detailed maps” –Chicago Tribune
“These eminently sound guides continue to offer outstanding information and inspiration” –Booklist

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