Hey all, this giveaway is for two lucky winners (picked by my daughter) and ends on 5/15/10. Each will receive a beautiful new addition of Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips from Lonely Planet. Read on!

Looking for the best value deals?

Keen to score that elusive upgrade?

Eager to make your trip as eco-friendly and safe as possible?

Featuring contributions from a range of travel writers, industry experts and staff, the new edition of Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips reveals the secrets of the trade to help travelers get the most from their trips.

“When it comes to travel, it’s not as easy as it used to be to tell someone something they don’t know,” author Tom Hall says in his introduction. “Search the web for ‘travel tips’ and you’ll get 181,000,000 results at the click of a button.”

“When putting together Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips, then,” Tom continues, “we knew we had to work a bit harder than usual to help you make travel better. This book is part of the ongoing effort to raise the bar. We’re doing this by enlisting the help of recognized experts in their field, be it keeping healthy, packing exactly what you need – and absolutely nothing you don’t – or making sure that your trip doesn’t cost more than you bargained for.”

Tom also admits that “There are some things in here that the travel industry would rather you didn’t know.”

Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips includes chapters devoted to:

* Packing & Preparation – “From bag selection to hints on what to put in it – and what to leave behind.”
* Money – “How to change the stuff, how to carry exotic foreign notes and how to make sure you don’t come home to any nasty surprises in your bank statement.”
* Health – “Tricks of the trade than can make life a lot easier.”
* Safety & Security – “A few simple guidelines.”
* Air Transport – “Special rules, loopholes and tricks that can make or break the whole adventure.”
* Ground Transport – “These trips can be the source of some unforgettable memories, and take you to all sorts of places a plane can’t.”
* Hotels – “A few approaches to a perfect bed for the night.”
* Technology – “Some gadgets you can’t live without, while others may well be more trouble than they’re worth.”
* Making the Most of Your Trip – “Squeeze every last drop of fun out of your hard-earned time off.”
* Eco-Travel – “Everybody wants to do the right thing, but when you’re going on holiday that can often be easier said than done.”

About the Author
Tom Hall is a journalist based in Lonely Planet’s London office. He writes and broadcasts about travel for The Observer newspaper and BBC Radio One and also contributes to a host of other magazines and newspapers in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Tom is a regular commentator on travel news and events in the media and is Contributing Editor for the Lonely Planet website.

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