Hey all, this giveaway is for one lucky winner (picked by my daughter) and ends on 10/1/10. The winner will receive a beautiful new addition The Travel Book from Lonely Planet. I personally bought and own the first version of this book. Simply put, it is a visually stunning book that covers every significant destination in the world. Actually, I am a little jealous. Remember to leave a comment and sign up for our newsletter to enter.

Remember, the winner must have a U.S. address. If you already receive my newsletter, just leave a comment if you want to enter this month’s giveaway. If not, please fill out the innocuous Travel Write Live newsletter form at the bottom of the page, leave a relevant comment somewhere on the site and read on from the words of the publisher.

The first edition of this photographic journey sold more than half a million copies across the globe. The new edition of The Travel Book contains 100% new content, including 850 stunning images and completely updated text.

Most travel journeys take in just a country or two, but the journey of The Travel Book features every single country on earth. And each one, no matter how large or small, is presented in a double-page spread — from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, from the postage-stamp-sized Vatican City to the epic expanse of the Russian Federation.

Highlighted by some of the finest photography in the world, The Travel Book offers a glimpse of each country’s perks and quirks, when to go, what to see, how to eat it up and drink it in, and ways to immerse yourself in the life and the land. What results is a grand snapshot of our diverse and kaleidoscopic world rather than an encyclopedic reference. It’s a book that unashamedly views the planet through the prism of the traveler, focusing on places for their beauty, charm or singularity, even if this does sometimes conflict with defined political or geographical borders.

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