Welcome to our weekly questions and why don’t we jump in because it’s a whooper. Virginia writes, “Why am I attracting unhappiness in my universe right now.”

This is a hard questions because we are dealing with a lot of unknowns about what specifically is going on with Virginia. I want to answer this question in a general way.

As most people know I teach Kabbalah and the Tree of Life and here is the Tree of Life. Actually, this is the Gra version of the Tree. One day I will talk about the different versions of the tree. This version, which I made in my backyard.

So, imagine that above the Tree is the ideas of God (or the Universe, or Cosmic Ooze, or whatever you want to call the happenstance that make the world go round). And the spheres represent the veils that keep the Divine and us apart.

The veils limit our ability – at least from our vantage point – to directly connect spiritually with the divine. The spheres/veils create space to gives us free will – in order to choose to connect with the divine energy. When we connect with this divine energy/God, in spite of ourselves, because we are at the bottom of the Tree, the furthest away from the Light/God/Divinity with the most veils that make it hard to see the Light of the Divine.

This is important. If we always saw the Light/God/Divine, if we always knew it was there and we knew everything was great and saw through the illusion, we would not have free will. Yes, it is a hard concept to explain in a three-minute video. So, sometimes it looks like, or feels like we lose our connectivity with the Divine when really we are defaulting back to the illusion of the veils, which would have us believe that we are separate and alone when really we are not alone, have people who love us, we are not alone and have people who are on our team.

If you are at home and feeling a little lost and disconnected, I would suggest doing the opposite of what you are feeling. If you fell like isolating, don’t. If you feel like eating a sack of cookies, have a couple. If you are feeling like the world is down and taking you with it, don’t buy into it. Do a good deed just becase. I imagine if you put forth a little effort in connecting with the Universe, to God if that’s your thing (I hope that you get that I am using a variety of ways of describing God in a number of ways to be as inclusive as possible), or by connecting to people around you. Be kind to strangers. You are going to very quickly right that ship and feel better about the world.

Remember, we have more questions coming. You can find me anytime at DevinGalaudet.com if you want to have a question about love, relationships and magick. And if you need a little extra help, as we all do from time to time, I offer a free 30 minute discovery session.

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