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Greece: A Paradise

Greece is a fantastic destination for holiday makers or travellers to visit. The numerous islands and mainland Greece have many sights to see and activities on offer. With beaches, nightclubs and historical sites, Greece’s rich history and warm sunny climate make it a paradise that has something to please tourists of all ages and interest.

Travel to Greece
Flight times to Greece are around 4-5 hours from the U.K., with tour operators such as Thomson, offering flights or package holiday deals. Different types of holiday are available, all inclusive is a great way to travel as food and drink is to hand at all times and there is no need to worry about finding the best restaurants or shops. Self catering apartments and bungalows are also easy to find throughout Greece. Some people prefer to travel half board with some meals provided and the opportunity to go out and try local restaurants in the evenings, this option is also well catered for by hotels around the country.

Food and Drink
Greece has a great selection of food and drink available, with specialities such as slow roasted lamb with feta cheese, tomatoes and onions a great Greek dish to try. Ouzo the famous Greek drink with an aniseed flavour and potent alcohol content is a favourite among some locals. Greece has a diverse Mediterranean menu with olive oil and other fresh ingredients being commonly found in dishes.

Sights to See
The sites to see are vast with Greece’s history providing some truly awe inspiring sites. The Parthenon mounted high atop the Acropolis in central Athens is a favourite site for tourists. The theatre of Dionysus can also be found here, on a hill to the south of the Acropolis. Along with these historical sites are Greece’s many beautiful harbours, bays and beaches. Myrtos Beach, voted the best in Greece on several occasions, is renowned all over the world for its white sandy beach and clear blue green waters. All around mainland Greece and its islands ancient ruins and areas of unspoilt natural beauty can be found.



is a large country spanning a large area with its many islands, the climate is similar in most areas. The mountains are the exception to the rule and can experience cooler wetter climates than the plains or beach areas. The south of the country is also slightly hotter than the north. Greece is famed for its sunny weather and with good reason, many hot sunny days are experienced with the summer temperatures rarely dropping below 20 The islands are the most popular destinations for tourists and have a distinctly Mediterranean climate with long dry summers. The islands also have the bonus of cool sea breezes known as meltemi which visit in the hottest months. The months from April to September are the driest and warmest with lower temperatures and more rainfall between October and March to visit Greece.

Greece: A Paradise

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