Travel writing is a great opportunity to take chances. Thankfully, I was wearing stripes. They are supposed to make me look less portly. The sunglasses acting as hairnet did nothing to distract from my tattered hairline. I stood next to the restaurant’s guitar player requesting a song. In a moment, I found myself reducing one of my all-time favorite songs to rubble, in public, in Mexico City during FITA 2010. Fortunately, the cameo appearance by the smooth Latin troubadour saves the day. Next time I will learn the words.

In order to wash the image of me (even when wearing stripes) butchering a classic song from your mind, I offer this video by the incomparable Luis Miguel combining Cuando Calienta el Sol and a Buns of Steel video that puts most 80s hair band videos to shame. The first 30 seconds are slow and almost painful, but then the pillow fighting, thong-clad lovelies, shirtless hunks in teeny panties and sun kissed beaches take over.

For the record, I have also sung a karaoke version Luis Miguel’s Cuando Calienta el Sol in a charming bar in Puerto Morelos a few years back. I am grateful there is no video evidence of this humiliation.

Video by Teresa Rodriguez of Jetset Extra
Photo by Berenice L. Gonzalez

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