Yes, I’m torn. Over the last several weeks I have not written you. Not because I didn’t have things to say, or didn’t want to connect but because I’m torn. I have a bunch of videos in the hopper but I needed to think about things.

I am not torn about teaching you mystical secrets to your problems with love or a different perspective in getting more love into your life. I am torn about marketing it. I am torn about describing “Mystical Secrets,” in some attention grabbing way, although the mystical secrets really are very cool. This is the disconnect for me. It feels inauthentic. I have also seen lately many people talking about marketing as if it was the goal, rather then teaching the good stuff worth marketing.

During these events, I felt marketed to. I felt like someone was selling me something. I have heard that “sales is a numbers game.” That if you keep selling long enough that eventually you’ll sell stuff. I suppose this is an important motivator – to just keep selling.

Unfortunately, this is why I am torn. I am not a marketer, and I don’t want to sell you anything. However, if you are having a hard time or have had one and need a different perspective please keep reading.

So, while I’m torn, I am going to make this deal with you. I am going to be as upfront and transparent about everything, as possible, with the mindset that some of you will identify with spiritual solutions that I will be talking about.

I will try to encourage you and offer hope to your pain and frustration when it comes to love and romance – perhaps other topics, too! Most of it will be for free. In the meantime, I will try to make a class or too for people who need a little extra support in finding the love they are after.

However, I need your help. Please tell me if you like what you’re getting. If you think I am being some marketing guy please let me know – because it is absolutely not okay if I slip into that universe. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.


I am just not good at any of this marketing stuff – and hope to keep it that way.

As always, I happy to help with your burning questions about love and relationships!

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