In Photos: Old Town Talinn, Estonia

The old town of Talinn, Estonia, surprised me. Not that I had any particular expectation. I didn’t. But these photos of

Talinn, Estonia

, speak for themselves. I was not planning for something that rivaled the well-preserved old town of Sweden’s Stockholm. Old town Talinn, Estonia, is a compact walkable city with lots of incredible history and numerous photogenic lines making it a perfect place for photography, I would also point out that as mid-summer approaches Talinn, Estonia, the longer the period of golden light is available.

Of course, these are only some of my favorites of the Old Town, and I ended up taking well over 800 shots in only five days. So, the country has a lot to offer.

As a writer, I have stories coming about hotels, food and the fascinating Setoland, and its people, by the Estonia/Russia border. However, what sticks out mostly is the Estonian history with Russia.

As with all my photos, I shoot with a Canon 60d and a flexible 18-135mm lens.

In Photos: Old Town Talinn, Estonia

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