This week, I have been putting my money where my mouth is by reading more in order to find inspiration – the book I have been reading is in my top ten, but not sure where it places exactly. I am keeping this book under my hat until I reach this section of the list. With several pending articles, I am happy to report I have had a lot of inspiration these days.

And now to my list…

35. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron with Mark Bryan

There are a couple of obvious, almost cliché titles on this list, but sometimes even cliché is appropriate. Here is one of them. If you were interested in creating art, in some way, in the 90s you probably read the Artist’s Way – I know I did. Armed with great inspirational quotes, a comfortable system and the ability overcome objection to creating, Cameron got me to write every morning. While some of the writing was forced, some of it was pretty good.

34. Genesis, a Living Conversation by Bill Moyers

Genesis is companion book to the public television series that gathered a variety of religious leaders, scholars, writers and lecturers into conversation about the first book of the Bible with expert moderator by Bill Moyers. The book, and the show on PBS, is intensely interesting and challenged the way I looked at the world and forced me to take a hard look at what I believed in. Oddly, the inspiration manifested in the form of fiction writing versus nonfiction, make of that what you will.

33. The Fire From Within by Carlos Castenda

I have had more than one debate about whether this book is fact or fiction. I have stood on both sides of the fence. Either way, Castenada has a unique ability to be fantastic without being salacious. Don Juan, whether real or imagined, is still a character I wish I knew in real life and his stories have never ceased to create something in me worth getting onto paper.

32. The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain

My appreciation for Mark Twain has skyrocketed over the last several years. Simply put he is a freaking genius. The Innocents Abroad is about Twain’s six-month trip through Europe and the Middle East. It is funny and insightful and most every page made me want to travel. While I do have some philosophical differences with Twain with regards to travel, this is a 140-year-old book still worth your time.

31. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Many years before Tony Robbins and Dr. Phil wanted to help us transform our lives, Napoleon Hill had spent twenty years interviewing the millionaires of the world and came up with 13 steps to personal success. It is creative and imaginative and offers ideas that are still completely relevant today.

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