When Receiving is Ruined

Exploring Hod on the Tree of Life

Remember, we are furthest away from God at the position of Hod and more into the manifestation of the physical and it is about receiving all of the broken down energy, ideas and blueprint of the Universe. We’re going to get to the foundation (Yesod) next week and you said but understand that all the stuff that is going on in the universe, all of it that is being sent to us from the higher spheres all of the intellectualization, all of the philosophy, all of the love, all of the not love all of that stuff kind of settles in Hod, because it’s really the lowest form of receiving where everything sort of collects.

The Ups and Down of Hod

On the plus side, as Rabbi David Cooper describes Hod as this child that can sort of received everything and it’s very pure and, as we talked about last week Netzach, Hod’s opposite, is like the domineering parent. So child is receiving. As these are all great and wonderful manifestations of the Divine. The occultist variation of this tends to look at Hod as a form of our intellect. The whole bottom triangle (referring to the spheres of Hod, Netzach and Yesod) has to do with the personal self, all the parts in a practical way, which means more we go up the Tree the closer we get to unity. The lower down the Tree the more we deal with notions of separation and distortion. The more we deal with the bits and pieces. Watch the video for more on Hod — and there is always more on http://devingalaudet.com.

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