Let’s face it, Mexico has had its fair share of bad press during the last year with reports of hurricanes, viruses, warring drug lords and a recent high profile murder of a reality series producer’s wife. However, are the headlines the whole story? Are there legitimate reasons to be concerned when traveling Mexico beyond a few border towns? I am not so sure, but perception is king. The news items have kept many vacationers away from Mexico’s sun and sand. Is this fair? Probably not, as it would not be fair to blame Florida for a problem in New York.

So how does an unfair perception get fixed? The folks at several of the Marriotts in Mexico came to pose this exact question to me and several other prominent travel writers in Los Angeles. The answer? Discuss traveler’s concerns head on. This is what I tried to do in my interviews with Christopher Calabrese, the Vice President and General Manager of the JW Marriott Cancun Resort and Spa and Casamagna Cancun Resort Marriott, and Dennis Whitelaw, the General Manager of Casamagna Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa.

Please pardon my glibness during the interviews. I admit that I have traveled to many places that have had less than a savory reputation — so have many other traveling friends. I have never even heard of something that would be more than some mild irritation during all of those travels. So I have little concern about the prospect of visiting Mexico, but many others do — these interviews are for them.

To see my interview with Chris In Video: Is Cancun Safe

To see my interview with Dennis In Video: Is Puerto Vallarta Safe?

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