Every Mother’s Day, I take my mom to her favorite restaurant. It’s a Chinese/Japanese/smorgasbord place that serves Swedish meatballs, pizza, sushi, soft serve ice cream, squishy round things covered in sesame seeds and a few Asian dishes among many others staying toasty in a warming bins. On Mother’s Day, the place is always packed and I plan for a full stomach of bad food. Mom always leaves happy.

After lunch mom likes to visit the annual art show in the park. Every year, I see art of all kinds feeding tastes of all sorts set up on the grass and leaves. Every year, I also see three old friends that I have known before kindergarten. They are siblings and all three have been professional artists their entire adult lives. From what I can tell, no one has back up plan beyond the life of an artist. I admire this.

I also admire that every year my friends get booths at the park within a few feet of each other. While they are in competition with each other in the same corner of the park, they are never really in competition. They all root for each other. They remind me that there is enough to go around. There are opportunities for everyone.

Yesterday I started an opportunity with Chris Guillabeau (from the Art of Non-conformity) in the hopes of learning more about what I want to create in my business in a group forum with about 150 others. While I can’t say a lot about the system as it has just started, I can say is there is 150 other people I am competing with… that I will not be in competition. And just another opportunity to realize that there is enough for everyone.

And I hope that all the moms out there had a wonderful day!

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