Along the Coast of Corfu

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Corfu by the sea

Everyone Needs a Vacation

With our weather increasingly unsettled and the prospect of getting a week of sun slowly slipping further from our radar, the only chance of soaking up some much needed vitamin D would be to travel abroad. It doesn’t take too much persuasion to convince the Brits that they need to travel to one of our European cousins to enjoy some sun, but the possibilities of where to go and stay are simply endless. Turkey is a great option with Dalaman holidays proving popular with tourists. The turquoise coastline boasts some outstanding scenery, and with all sorts of activities on offer it’s a fantastic family all-rounder.

A Corfu Vacation

Other great destinations are of course the Canaries, and the Balearics. Greece is another favourite with Corfu hitting the spot time and again for those looking for a great escape. If you want to book Corfu vacations, you will be lucky enough to find that as with the many other popular destinations, there are a whole host of packages, resorts and accommodation types on offer.

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Packages can consist of the basics such as when you want to go, what airport you wish to fly from, which local resort you prefer, and so on. Then it can be modified so you can add your wish list. For instance, what facilities do you want in your hotel? Spa or children’s club? What activities you want to do while you are away? Scuba diving or horse riding? And so it goes on.

Getting Started

Then you can build your package around this information, with a little help from the tour operator where necessary, giving you the perfect resort and ready made vacation with all of your requirements on hand.

The package holiday market has been around for decades and has been mass-produced ever since. Originally it was just travel and accommodation, but over the years this has been refined and created into the modern day package with all of the add-ons that we insist on, thus creating the most cost effective and hassle free holiday. No wonder it’s still a winner.

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