It was a lot of long van rides through the desert and its summer heat in the quest of finding the Pueblos Magicos, Magic Towns, of Mexico. The Pueblos Magicos are 35 towns in Mexico that are promoted by the tourism board as having history, culture and beauty making them ideal stops for travelers looking to get a sense of Mexico. Sadly, the journalists along for the ride complained about everything: the food, the accommodations, the van, the heat, the organization of the press trip and anything that wasn’t perfect. In all my time as a travel writer it was the worst group of writers ever. However, there were a few really nice towns to visit. Parras, Santiago, Saltillo and Monterey (Saltillo and Monterey are not classified as Pueblos Magicos, but are still nice places to visit) were among them. Here are a handful of my favorite photos from that trip.

For more on the Pueblos Magicos. It is an older article, but still good for the basics.

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