How could this week’s pic of the week not be from Japan. I got a lot of wonderful shots over the last week and even more surprises. My biggest surprise might be how much I enjoyed Kamakura, in the Kanagawa Prefecture, a charming city about an hour south of Tokyo that has history, food, great snacking at the “Shopping Town” in the Komachi area and the Great Buddha. There was also a sense of joy I experienced in Kamakura. It was simple, open and easy. Perhaps this is due to the amount of shrines and temples in town. I also found few tourist (outside of out-of-town Japanese) taking in the sights.

However, my favorite picture is a close up of Miss Kamakura, who offered a kimono fashion show before a day of strolling Kamakura’s streets.

For my honorable mentions, I am including a photo along the main drag that leads to Hachimangu Shrine, one of the more important sites in the Kamakura. The third photo is of the sunset leaving the city. I usually get a lot of dud sunsets with me behind the lens, but I liked this one.

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