Yeah, I know I am late with posting this photo. Hopefully, it is worth it. There is a certain ironic beauty to the this photo. This shot was taken in Santa Ana during the Miss Teen World festivities where the streets were hoping in the town square with music, performers and fireworks. The foreground includes a fairly serious guard while the shadows of dancing party-goers cover the walls.

I enjoyed Santa Ana and what appeared to be an interesting and vibrant city with a handful of choice landmarks. However, my favorite is the area around the city square where the people watching seemed to be the best.

It is worth noting that while, there was a police presence during my trip to El Salvador, I felt comfortable wandering around on my own.

This week’s honorable mentions include a young waterfall diver (he was really just doing canon balls) outside the city of Ataco and a woman about her day in Santa Ana. There is something about a woman carrying things on her head.

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