In this week’s pic of the week, travel Malaysia comes to mind. I was at Citrawarna, which is probably Malaysia’s biggest festival and a month long series of events.

This shot was taken on a closed off street in Kuala Lumpur a couple of years back. What I like most about this photo is not just the great colors and the bevy of Malaysian lovelies, but the odd shadows in the lower right-hand corner. I was hiding behind a planter on the King of Malaysia’s special viewing station filled with the King and Queen of Malaysia and a bunch of Malaysian dignitaries — I was not one of the invited guests. I was eventually removed from my post, but not before I would grab a handful of shots of some of the 4500 dancers and performers from that night.

Citrawarna is an annual event and has a multitude of fun Malaysian culture to experience across the country.

This week’s honorable mention includes eating whatever that was being offered to me from the hand of this woman from her roadside restaurant (although restaurant would be a very loose description) on Radang Island. What the previous photo is to a restaurant this last photo is to a barbershop, somewhere outside of Terengganu.

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