My visit to travel to the Philippines was still one of my most memorable because of the ASEAN Tourism Forum or ATF (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) was happening and meant countrywide celebrations everywhere I visited. The yearly festival moves from country to country every year between the ten member nations. This year was Brunei. I was invited but could not make the trip work.

This photo was taken about an hour outside of Davao City (I know I am supposed to written city information down at some point, but this was early in my travel writing career that still had a ton of holes in it) and represents the sort of warm welcome visiting journalists received at every stop in the Philippines. Lots of local children, and adults, showcasing regional dancing, drums and plays.

In this photo, it was difficult getting all of the kids to lines up, but there is something about a camera that creates order.

My weekly honorable mentions includes a rare moment on the island of Mindanao with jeepney and tuk tuk balancing calm and quiet while drummers pound home the idea of frenetic kids with sticks and bamboo.

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