I had been reviewing the Opus Hotel in Montreal last year when these photos were taken. I love hotel reviews (read press trip) because the hotel just wants journalists to have a nice time and pretty much leaves everyone alone. So most of my time was spent wandering the city and visiting local restaurants or enjoying the hotel’s amenities.

In this case, my visit to Montreal was the first time in twenty years and a long overdue return. I had forgotten how interesting the architecture is and this photo is of one of my all-time favorite buildings of complete ridiculousness. It is also a product of the 1967 World Exposition and one of many unusual remnants left from the Expo.

Both honorable mentions come from a city tour I took a day before an impressive snow storm hit Montreal (before departure both plane and runway had to be de-iced). The first photo showcases some downtown Montreal charm and the second is the view from Montreal’s highest point, which is not all that high but makes for a nice view of the city below.

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