I remember staying in Naples because it was cheaper — terrible choice. However, the reason why I went to the area in the first place was a great choice. Simply put, Pompeii was one of the most interesting and perfectly preserved of any ancient archeological sites because Mount Vesuvius erupted, buried, and protected Pompeii on 24 and 25 August, 79 AD and kept it sealed until excavation began in 1748.

I spent just half a day — terrible choice. There is a lot of ground to cover and well worth the time to just walk around. I also recommend getting a guide to break down some of the complexities of the city. There is plenty of history and information that has been unearthed over the last 250 of digging. They are still excavating.

This is an example of when good light can make any photographer look better. I had been focusing on symmetry and angles at the time and love how it all worked out.

The honorable mentions are both on the grounds of Pompeii and offer more perspectives and angles. However, I have a number of pictures of frescoes found within different rooms at Pompeii. Visitors should make sure to get off the streets for further exploration to see these.

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