In honor of the Bachelor and its spine-tingling conclusion and gossip-filled aftermath, this week’s favorite photo comes from St. Lucia, a fun little country in the Caribbean, which is also my inspiration for In The Know Traveler [for the Story of ITKT]. For the record, people only told me about what happened on the Bachelor. I am certain I must have been doing important, manly things when that show was on.

This photos showed up as I was walking passed a group of girls on my way up to explore Fort Rodney. As we passed each other, one girl said, “Hey Mister, you want a picture?” As I turned, they posed in the jumble you see now. One click and they ran off giggling to each other. I went off got some great photos of from the remains of the old fort. However, none as entertaining as this one.

It is obvious that I was still using my old film camera, because of the dated feel to the color, even if it was not all that long ago.

This week’s honorable mentions come from the Sandal’s resort near Castries and a long walk I took along the beach.

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