With the Winter Olympic going on right now in Vancouver and Whistler, I cannot help but reminisce my first time ever snowboarding — in fact it was my first time skiing. I was sitting on top of Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler and had fallen thirty times in a row and went about five feet.

This is my frustrated view of the beautiful mountain. I never did give up. At some point, I decided to never fall again. I kept that promise to myself by pinwheeling my way down the mountain. I never felt so much relief when I reached the bottom of the run.

I was battered the next morning, but proud. It bruising gave me a greater appreciation for those flying mach 3 on a thin fiberglass plank.

The honorable mentions go to the afternoon of the same day dining around Whistler sans skis. The restaurant owning all the champagne, the Bearfoot Bistro, is famous in the area and one of the best restaurants in all of Canada.

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