It has been a long week of traveling with a series of highs and lows. While lingering on the lows briefly feels good, the highs are what I always take home. Still, I want to share one low. I broke my camera lens (in two pieces) 10 minutes before arriving at Tikal. I moved from my seat on the bus and felt a snag. I choose to yank rather than investigate — an expensive mistake. These photos were taken by my low-res video camera.

I know I am due for a story and have a number of notes and outlines, 12 outlines to be exact, but no time on this trip to do any writing. I plan on locking myself in a small room and play catch up when I return.

For those who do not know, Tikal was a Maya stronghold for several centuries before coming what it is today, a park preserving a dynamic culture. And now on to Tikal…

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