For this Sunday Check In, I am at Secrets Wild Orchid Resort, an “adults only” property in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It was a last second press trip confirmation that brought me to the Caribbean on Thursday. While the “adults only” property’s name may inspire curious fantasy images, and a bristle from my fiance, it just means no kids allowed. So visitors, most appear to be couples from the U.S., will find a quieter resort experience without running, screaming, or water fights from the missing kiddie pool. There is also no gold-painted macaroni glued to cardboard either. While I have a great ten-year-old, who does all of the above, I do not miss the noise. There are also a variety of restaurant options, a pleasant spa, idyllic beaches and 24-hour room service on the property — all of which fits under the all-inclusive banner.

Due to travel, scrambling schedules, and an Internet connection that was MIA for my first two days on the island, I did not get much accomplished. Wednesday was a total wash.

And now my plans to a more productive week in servicing travel.


Much of my upcoming week will be about commentary on Jamaica for ITKT. However, I have some catch up on my “Blogging Nuts and Bolts” project, thoughts on using “you” voice in a travel narrative, and a new “Books to Live By installment. I will also offer a night life article about Montego Bay after dark and my personal experience of American Airlines customer service on TWL. One is a good thing. One is a dud. Both articles need to be read.


Because this Jamaica visit is described as a “Bloggers Meet Up,” I have been doing a fair bit of talking about social networking with some smart travel bloggers. I now plan a new “links” page on both ITKT and TWL in an effort to share the love with new friends and media partners I have met along the way. I know I don’t need yet another project, but I think more linking out from ITKT is something of value and part of my commitment to building a better connected travel community.


With the video phase almost complete, I hope to get one more quality NTO on board and on camera so writers can learn about travel industry know-how and how to become a better travel industry partner.

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