So I was derailed this week from a few of the projects I had planned on completing. Part of the early week was spent traveling and mild jet lag. However, the whole week was not a total loss. There is a new “Resources” page on TWL and a couple of new Jamaica travel articles online: Food Fantastic Jamaica, In Photos: Jamaica, and I posted the announcement about the bloggers meet up in Jamaica from the Jamaican Tourism Board.

My major derailment came when I bought the “Nook,” an ebook reader that is supposed to replace the 1500 or so books that take up the vast majority of shelf space in my teeny home. On some level, I feel like I am cheating on my relationship with books — I hope they will forgive me.

And now the coming week.


I realize that my travel writing project has already outgrown my first attempt at a colossally bad name and have come up with a plan “B.” I think I am going with “How to be a Travel Writing Rockstar.” What do you think?

I wrote a draft of both my nightlife in Montego Bay for ITKT and my American Airlines customer service story for TWL. Both will be online in the coming week.


With my new links page live, now I have to make some time to fill it. I intend to link to some friends and old favorites. However, it is also a good time to explore some new sites and makes some new contacts in the travel world, so I expect a fair amount of surfing coming up and always looking for recommendations.


Since I missed filling up my slots last week, I plan on making a priority to get one more on-camera interview finished before finalizing my videos and moving on to note taking. I am happy with the experienced and knowledgeable group of travel industry execs I have put together, but I think I would like one more perspective. I am still debating whether it is worth it for me to have all the videos transcribed, so readers can have a choice. Hmm.


There is a final piece I want to add to TWL design and it will require the help from Russia. I know it sounds more intriguing that it is, but I have found a talented coder I have worked with from theme site (I didn’t know he was living in Russia) and could use a some help before completing this new design. I will show off the new site add by next week.


Finally, I am putting out a call for a couple of new bloggers for ITKT. I think I am looking for writers who focus on a particular travel theme. More on this next week.

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