I got a lot done this week, but little that I had written about last week. However, having a list to refer back to has been one of the better choices I have made in adding the Sunday Check In.

I still have to finish my site design, but not for a lack of trying. Sometimes getting money to out of the way places is a headache.

Bloggers, bloggers, bloggers. I will be putting out a small ad on Tuesday for a couple of new bloggers for In The Know Traveler. I think I am at a place to do a little expanding. I completely forgot to do this last week.

For the record, I am liking my new ebook reader. I have discovered a variety of sources for free ebooks, including the public library, but I may never get over the feel of a real book.

And now for this week’s goals


My nightlife in Montego Bay article got pushed to allow for a completed three-part American Airlines customer service article. I have a new editor I am hopeful will help get ITKT caught up in the submissions department. So I plan on more new features on ITKT in the coming week, including new stuff on travel writing


I have discovered that I have to start working on keyword development for TWL (this is really a never ending process of maintaining and developing Internet traffic. Ugh!


How to be a Travel Writing Rockstar is coming along nicely but the final interview did not take place last week. Fortunately, I have had conversations with a couple strong prospects and hopeful to have one, maybe two, interviews in the can by next weekend.


With a new “resources” page live with a handful of new adds, I will continue the search to find some of the best in three categories: travel and travel-related; write and art-related; live for everything else.

On Monday, I am attending a dinner at the Thailand Consulate in Los Angeles. I plan on seeing a few new faces, and a number of faces I have been seeing at events like this for years.

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