Sometimes nothing gets done. it is really no one’s fault. Plans just do not go as expected. This was my week. I felt like I had been trying to put a square peg into a round hole with everything I tried to accomplish. At some point, I have to cut myself some slack. I wrote several proposals for developing relationships with potential clients, but they did not get answered. I wrote articles that did not go live. I had back and forth dialogues with three potential interviews, but nothing was confirmed. A number of responses that sounded a lot like, “So sorry. He just stepped into a meeting.”

On the plus side, I did get a terrific meal from celebrity Thai chef M.L. Sirichalerm Svasti (Chef McDang) at the Thailand Consulate in Los Angeles on Monday that resulted into good future contacts with Thailand — one of my favorite places on Earth. I reconnected with an old business contact in Miami, a tour operator promoting Turkey, Egypt, China and Tahiti (an odd collection of countries that have little in common). I added some requests of new bloggers on ITKT’s submission guidelines. I have added the first option that allows ITKT readers to travel though one of our partners that helps find local guides all over the world for travelers looking for adventure. So there is always a bright side to find.

The view from my room at Secrets Wild Orchid Resort Montego Bay, Jamaica


I do not believe in writer’s block, but I do believe in summer vacation. I believe in pointless distractions. This is a week to barricade myself at the library and make firm boundaries to get things done. I have found setting hard dates to accomplish some writing assignments essential. I have five articles that are all close to completion, but none meeting my standards of approval. They all need some focused library time with ear plugs, and perhaps blinders.


I should have new business cards that finally acknowledge ITKT USA, TWL and Twitter.

Two proposals more proposals to polish and send out this week. I like to remind myself that expanding a business takes time and I have to continue to take action that is forward moving. Even if I do not succeed, I am practicing getting it right for later.


Still in a holding pattern. I have one more interview that I want to get you guys, but people have been busy. I have not given up.

I wish you all small victories in your week.

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