As the saying goes, when you are given lemons, make lemonade. In my case, it would be limonada, and it would be a lot of limons. I am traveling in Guatemala and nothing is going well. It is not Guatemala’s fault. So here are some photos of some fun kids, who helped turn my inability to climb in a cave into something good. The pictures help take my mind off from a pair of bad knees and a handful of bad luck. It is important to note that some areas in Guatemala it is highly discouraged taking any photographs of kids. So always ask first and know some of the cultural differences of the area in Guatemala you might be in.

And for the week ahead…


I expect to get little accomplished beyond a few hurried blog entries over the next week. I fly out of the Guatemala’s highlands and fly to Guatemala City before heading to Antigua, then Honduras and looking for a changing stretch of good fortune.

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