CLICK HERE for me doing my best to destroy Cuando Calienta el Sol

Before the business of travel blogging begins, I wanted to share my latest performance of Cuando Calienta el Sol. There are times that a simple memory will make me cringe, produce an involuntary shudder. The embarrassments continued in Honduras as I do my darnedest to completely destroy Cuando, again (Here is the previous video of me singing in Spanish. So, it is a little over the top. I make mean singing faces and also “pump up the jam” to inspire a party atmosphere. This time I sing in a resort in La Ceiba, Honduras. Please note the colossally disinterested on-lookers as I attempt to ham it up to the point of unnecessary toward the end of the video. Still it was a lot of fun, but Luis Miguel does it better.

And just in case you want to give it a try…

As for the business of blogging, I have been slowly making changes to the site to make the experience better for the reader. I am also implementing new features that will hopefully drive a few more bucks through ITKT. Yes, making money online is still a complicated system as advertising dollars hide in deeper holes.


After some feedback from new and regular readers alike, I realize that updates twice a week is simply too many emails. I am now moving back twice a month. And still have to work out the problems with the cosmetics of the current template. I am still debating returning to the old school newsletter. It is more work, but the most well-received newsletter so far.

Making Money

I have a new game plan that hopes to focus on my success with social networking out into the corporate side of the travel industry.

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